Enrich Your Indoor Garden With Good Lighting

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Lights are the most important factor when it comes to indoor gardening. Plants don't just need sunlight to grow since they can also use artificial lighting. If you need proper indoor garden lighting for your plants to start photosynthesis, contact Hydrozone, Inc. in the Colton, CA area. We offer a wide variety of HID grow lights to choose from. These types of lights use technology to mimic natural lighting and bring important nutrients to your plants. Call us today to learn more about our indoor garden lighting products.

Hydrozone, Inc. offers many HID grow lights to choose from.These lights use technology to change artificial light to as close to natural light as possible. HID lights produce up to six times more lumens than other lamps of the same wattage.

HID lights also:

  • Work in any weather situation
  • Can emit up to 130,000 lumens from a 1000-watt bulb
  • Require low maintenance
  • Last for up to 24,000 hours

If you're ready to order HID grow lights, reach out to us anytime at 323-672-7799.