Why Hydroponics?

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Hydroponics is the way of growing plants, fruits, vegetables and crops without soil. Coco coir fiber, rocks, perlite, rockwools and other natural mediums are used to give plants nutrients instead of soil. If you want to start the process of hydroponic growing, Hydrozone, Inc. can help. We offer hydroponic systems for sale in Colton, CA. Not only do these systems allow you to grow your plants in any season, they also significantly reduce water use over the usual growing in soil. Reach out to us today to order a hydroponic system for your home or business.

Hydroponic growing allows you to grow a wide variety of plants in areas which are not suitable for the usual methods of growing in soil. You can even grow plants or vegetables in a spare garage or room with the use of artificial lighting. Some other benefits of hydroponic growing include:

  • 50% faster plant growth
  • Increased flavor and texture of fruits
  • Better control of growth
  • No digging or weeding
  • Easier growth in smaller areas

If you're ready to take advantage of these benefits, place an order for a hydroponic system with us today.